B&B Ottaviano Augusto, via Ottaviano 25, 00192 ROMA. Tel.: 3453139397 e-Mail: info@bebottavianoaugusto.com
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Listino Prezzi

"The prices are VAT included and include maid service, breakfast and all services, with check out of the apartment before 10.30 AM hours of the morning of departure"
Please contact the direction to verify the rate applied in the required period and the possibility of discounts and offers
Kitchen is available for a small extra fee
The maximum prices of the rooms include the kitchen

Price Per Day

Double Room: 70,00 Euro - 140,00 Euros
Single Room:
50,00 Euro - 70,00 Euros
Add Bed:
15,00 Euros

Price Per Week

Double Room: 430,00 Euro - 850,00 Euros
Single Room:
290,00 Euro - 480,00 Euros

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